Why are companies choosing USB Flash Drives as Corporate giveaways

Who does not like to be remembered? Everyone; especially the clients who are the reason for your existence. But now not only will you remember them, but they will will remember you. Why, you may ask, are USB drives different than other giveaways? By the way they are also know as FLASH drives or Thumb drives. How many giveaways are nice to see and even have, but are not really functional? Now you can place your marketing message on the FLASH drive in such a fashion that they can see it, and then either keep it on there or erase it. The lasting, and most important, branding value of these devices is that these Thumb drives are useful tools, being that they are mini-hard drives, and they can be utilized over and over again to transfer files either intra or inter-office, or from home to office or vice versa. With your name and logo emblazened on them you stand a far greater chance of being remembered by Clients then if they had some other less functional giveaway, which may get tossed aside sooner than later. You can easily add Video, Audio, PDf's and all sorts of great marketing plugs for your services, or products on the USB drives. That much said they are not generally recommended for mass distribution since they are not as cost effective as CD's or DVD's, since they are mini-hard drives after all. They do pack a very powerful punch though. Ask us how Companies are using them today and we'll give you what we've learned from our experience. The cost of admission is a little greater for USB drives, but once you are there it's well worth the price

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