Using CD's or DVD's for Direct Marketing and other Distributive Purposes

In my travels here at SRT, many people ask me isn't the use of CD's & DVD's dieing? I say the answer is two fold: the most obvious industries where new technology has changed the way information is delivered have been the Music and Entertainment industry. For many years the medium of choice was CD and/or DVD, but once digital downloads became available it became more convenient and cost effective to distribute via that method. But not everything is conducive to internet distribution.

Many things, such as Direct Marketing pieces for example, need to be distributed in a piece by piece method due to the nature of marketing. You can have the most awesome website in the world, but if no one comes to it does it really exist. CD's & DVD's for direct marketing lend themselves well to the pursuit of new business, as they afford the presenter the opportunity to make a mini, or not so mini presentation in a Multimedia format; meaning with the use of Audio, Video, pictures and any other associated items which compliment the presentation.

A few examples; Multimedia use on CD or DVD are School Catalogs where you can now bring the campus and it's inhabitants to life by showing a campus tour, testimonials from current students and faculty, and Alumni as well. You can also show various extracurricular activities, sports teams and clubs as well as campus life, so now the school catalog also becomes a powerful marketing tool. Also any company who has a catalog of products or services can also use the technology to bring their stuff to life. The possibilities are endless.

Many companies are also choosing to utilize CD, DVD or even USB for distribution of their paper intensive end products, such as in the financial world where certain, statements, compliance information, or say for instance Bankruptcy Disclosure statements can exceed hundreds of pages and go into the thousands. In those cases digital media for distribution is a no brainer and saves thousand of dollars while easing distribution as well.

In the end a well designed CD or DVD presentation has proven to be a very effective tool in the marketers's arsenal. 

In our industry we have seen many changes over the past 20+ years due to technological advancements; more specifically the increase in both storage capacities of portable media and bandwith on the internet has facilitated increased variety in how we utlilze digital media. Does anyone remember the "FLOPPY DISK", or even better what did we do before we had e-mail? We've come a long way and we are not done yet. In technology the only thing which remains constant is change, and we just have to find ways to adapt to it. So stay tuned and feel free to give SRT a call to explore your ideas.

Thanks, Jeff Bitsimis


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