A few weeks ago, I saw something happen on Facebook that I’ve never seen before.  It has compelled me to write this blog.  All of a sudden, my cell phone started going off – “bling, bling, bling, …” with notifications from Facebook.  Wondering what was happening, I stopped what I was doing to find out what all the fuss was about.  Was there some late breaking news happening that people were commenting about?  No.  Apparently, a woman on Facebook who was on my friend’s list had decided that she had too many friends.  Okay, I guess that’s her prerogative, although in my opinion, friends, along with love, laughter and money are things I could never have too much of.  So why did this cause so much excitement? Well, apparently this woman is not too well versed in the use of Facebook, or Facebook etiquette, because she sent out a message to a large number of people on her friends list which said, “To all I am cleaning out all files nothing personal why be friends when there is no contact to begin with and no time sorry if anyone is offended”.  *Please note the lack of punctuation is hers, not mine.


Well, heck yes, people were offended!  And why wouldn’t they be?  Almost a hundred comments resulted over the next couple of hours, many advising her of a very basic Facebook function whereby she could have very discreetly “unfriended” whomever she wanted to.  Alternately, she could have gone through her newsfeed and chosen to hide all posts from people that she wasn’t interested in hearing from.  But instead, she decided to ask everyone that she has deemed unworthy of her “friendship” to “unfriend “her!  Talk about adding insult to injury!


Here are a few suggestions I have for this woman and others out there like her:

  • If you don’t want to be social, perhaps a social media site is not where you want to be in the first place
  • If you’re not interested in connecting with someone in particular, don’t accept or send a friend invitation to that person
  • If you’re going to be on a social media site, perhaps you should learn the basic functionality of the site
  • Even if you don’t completely understand the point of social media or how to use the site, shouldn’t you use a little common sense and sensitivity?


Remember, we really don’t live in a virtual world.  Somewhere at the end of all internet connections there are people.  Real people who might get offended by what you say or do on social media.

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