What is the value in your packaging? You've spent months, if not longer, developing your new product or announcment and now it's time to get it out the door and into the hands of your intended recipients. What do you wish to package it in and why does it matter? The old saying "Don't judge a book buy it's cover" comes into play here, because whether they intend to or not, people at first sight will judge your piece initially by it's cover. You don't want to spend "too much", which will bring up your cost of customer aquisition, however you may not want to spend "too little" either. Depending upon what you are putting out there and who's attention you are trying to get you may want to create a perception of greater value simply by dressing up the packaging. For example a company who is putting out a piece internally to their sales staff does not need to spend the extra money on any fancy packaging, because they have a captive audience, so to speak. On the other hand a musician who is competing with many others in the world for the conusmers ear may very well want to spend more on the packaging then they did on the actual media. Just take a look in the stores and see which packages stand out. This stands true for many different types of products, such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Entertainment and others, which need to garner attention from the consumer. So the next time you are planning a product roll out remember to give serious consideration to who your audience is and what might get their attention. There are numerous little tricks of the trade to keep things cost effective, and through our many years of experience in the corporate and entertainment worlds we have seen and done many of them with great success.

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Comment by Olof Wadehn on November 19, 2011 at 8:13am

Jeff, great advice. It's not just about the CD Duplication or DVD Duplication. The "Appropriate" packaging is crucial to the successful rollout of a product. Thanks for the sage advice. 


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