How & Why to Use Multimedia to Communicate in a Digital World

So you've just finished creating your terrific new product and you wish to promote it, or you're an educational institution, or non-profit and wish to promote your organization, or you have a conference coming up and need to distribute presentations and educational materials, or you're a financial or legal institution with some very paper intensive documents, which you need to distribute, and you wish to save on distribution costs by converting to digital format on CD, DVD or USB. What is the best new way to get your message out there in a compelling, cost effective, and often entertaining format? Many companies are choosing portable Multimedia for the deployment of their vital information.  The benefits of sending out a message on a CD, DVD or USB, and even via your website are numerous. You can absolutely captivate your audience by bringing your message to life via Multimedia.


At F6 Digital we'll help you to first take inventory of your existing marketing assets. Next you'll decide if you wish to add any video, audio, animation etc. By taking an aggregate of existing marketing materials and /or product information,  and adding in snippets of video, Audio, elements of motion, voiceovers and sometimes animation, talking head videos, testimonials, and even overhead video tours where applicable; your message becomes MULTIDIMENSIONAL in nature, and therefore much more powerful via Multimedia on CD, DVD, or USB.


Statistics have shown that when you add these digital components to express your message via Multimedia that they will garner much greater attention by nature of the fact that you are speaking to your audience rather than just having them peruse a piece of literature. It is human nature to be attracted to something which is multifaceted and touches many senses. You are guaranteed to elicit a much greater emotional response with Multimedia. In many cases you can distribute information on a CD, DVD or USB as part of a print campaign as well. There are many creative ways in which F6 Digtal can help you to show what you do digitally by bringing your message from two dimensions to a multidimensional state. Often times we find that a company already has all of the necessary components to create a powerful and successful multimedia message with just a little bit of tweaking; this helps greatly to keep it a cost effective venture as well by using multimedia on CD, DVD, or USB.


We all know how You Tube has become such a success, because it enables us to promote ourselves in a dynamic fashion via video. Now with the help of F6 Digital you can take those videos, and by adding to them other digital and printed components, on a CD, DVD, or USB take your message to the next level, which will enrich your message and get it heard loud and clear via Multimedia. Who remembers the old adage “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it; did it really fall?” You don’t want to be that tree; DO YOU?  You can easily start evoking the emotional response which your company not only deserves, but needs in order to differentiate you from your competition. It is no longer good enough to just be seen; nowadays you must also stand up and be heard, so talk to us at F6 Digtal and we'll help to get you out there and make some noise via Multimedia!

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