I recently came across a discussion on LinkedIn regarding the use of Flash, calling it "Evil" of all things. Here are comments from both Russ Sillery, whom I do not know personally, and myself regarding many misconceptions about Flash.


Russ Sillery: 

1.) Flash if constructed in a proper way can allow changes of Images, Text, COntent to be done via Txt files, XML, PHP and most CMS units.
2.) Flash IS viewable on Ipad/Iphone devices as of just recently. New Technology available from Adobe and a Third party developer now allows Flash to be wrapped in HTML5 Tech. and made to show across all mobile devices.
3.) Again, IF constructed properly Flash content is no larger a consumer of resources then QuickTime or other everyday resources.
4.) Flash has security issues just as much as any other web tech.
5.) Flash CAN be read using modern analytics using GAIA, and other platforms. It all depends on the design/developer and their knowledge. But on the whole the majority of Flash Developers are not knowledgable of these techniques due to laziness or ineptitude.
6.) HTML5 is still not fully embraced by all major Browsers, trying to compare Flash to HTML5 is like comparing Cars to Boats, there are so many differences you cannot justify the comparison of the two technologies.
7.) Finding Data on any site wether Flash or HTML5 boils down to the designer.I can site many amazing sites where providing data in Flash FAR outweighs the same amount of data in PHP,Cold Fusion, MySQL etc.. It is the designers responsibility to make the data easy to find and/or digest.

I'm not trying to bash on you, but it seems to me that you have an adverse view of Flash and the technology it is capable of. It might stem from a bad experience with an improperly trained Flash user. I feel that if I were to go thru all 21 slides I could cite exceptions to each and every instance if I took the time.
HTML5 is a great emerging Tech. but as it is not even supported by all browsers in all its "I can do this" glory It may be some time before it can catch up to its Hype.
Regardless there just is no way to compare the two technologies and firmly state that this is better this.

Regards, Russ


Olof Wadehn:

Russ, you are right on with your comments. The problem is most people making negative comments about Flash don't really know about all it's capabilities and it's flexibility. Flash is an excellent development tool for rich media. The biggest problem with Flash is also it's greatest asset. The felxibility of how you can code. There are any number of ways to code the same function. Each designer/programmer has his/her own way of doing things and each project has it's own set of specifications. If designed properly for it's intended use, the results with Flash are very powerful and cost effective. Your comment #1 refers to constructing Flash "dynamically", allowing external content to be loaded into the Flash file. This requires a different approach to programming that many times is not required for a given project, and many developers know little about.

Also as far as Flash being a resource hog. Not so. Again it all depends on how the programming is done, and how the assets (video, pictures, audio, text) are optimized prior to using them in Flash. I've worked on online projects where we want the Flash to load as quickly as possible, and on mulitmedia USB Drive projects where we want full screen HD video quality. Flash allows me to design to either end of the spectrum.

I've actually now found a resurgence in Flash development now that the internet is moving towards a much more media rich (video) environment.

I think the real problem is with the Flash creators (I call them creators for a reason) themselves. Flash is a relativley easy to work with, so there are many people out there that "dabble" in Flash and do not fully understand the scope or ramifications of what they produce. That has given Flash a bad name.

Thank you for all your detailed comments regarding this post. I agree with you whole heartedly.


So, as you can see Flash is indeed a very powerful tool.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I welcome your comments.


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Comment by Jeffrey Bitsimis on February 17, 2012 at 7:05pm

I know it has been the norm to knock FLASH, however it surprises me to see how some people can knock a technology if they don't fully understand, or embrace it, because there are plenty of instances where FLASH can not only be advantageous, but downright awesome as part of your marketing arsenal! It is most defenitely not right for every instance, but when programmed properly and used in the right fashion it can be more cost effective and of course more dynamic since there are so many tools which allow the right FLASH programmer to utilize the whole pallet of expressions, so to speak.


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