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Great new resource for business people and businesses alike

In case you have not already heard; there is a GREAT NEW BUSINESS RESOURCE for all of Long Island & NYC Business people to take advantage of and leverage to their advantage. 

David Gussin, from 516 Ads, is not only a truly benevolent individual who’s highly charged spirit motivates and inspires us all,…


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How & Why to Use Multimedia to Communicate in a Digital World

So you've just finished creating your terrific new product and you wish to promote it, or you're an educational institution, or non-profit and wish to promote your organization, or you have a conference coming up and need to distribute presentations and educational materials, or you're a financial or legal institution with some very paper intensive documents, which you need to distribute, and you wish to save on distribution costs by converting to digital format on CD, DVD or USB. What is…


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Using CD's or DVD's for Direct Marketing and other Distributive Purposes

In my travels here at SRT, many people ask me isn't the use of CD's & DVD's dieing? I say the answer is two fold: the most obvious industries where new technology has changed the way information is delivered have been the Music and Entertainment industry. For many years the medium of choice was CD and/or DVD, but once digital downloads became available it became more convenient and cost effective to distribute via that method. But not everything is conducive to internet…


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Why are companies choosing USB Flash Drives as Corporate giveaways

Who does not like to be remembered? Everyone; especially the clients who are the reason for your existence. But now not only will you remember them, but they will will remember you. Why, you may ask, are USB drives different than other giveaways? By the way they are also know as FLASH drives or Thumb drives. How many giveaways are nice to see and even have, but are not really functional? Now you can place your marketing message on the FLASH drive in such a fashion that they can see it, and…


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The value of appropriate packaging

What is the value in your packaging? You've spent months, if not longer, developing your new product or announcment and now it's time to get it out the door and into the hands of your intended recipients. What do you wish to package it in and why does it matter? The old saying "Don't judge a book buy it's cover" comes into play here, because whether they intend to or not, people at first sight will judge your piece initially by it's cover. You don't want to spend "too much", which will bring up… Continue

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